Responsible business for improvement

Foreign relation and cooperation


We are proud of ourselves that following representatives and quests are visited and met our company’s operations by 2018:

  • Representatives of The World Bank
  • Representatives of The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency, the World Bank
  • Representatives of The World Bank International Finance Corporation
  • Schulze Global Investments Limited
  • The German Agency for International Cooperation
  • Representatives of Oyu tolgoi LLC and Rio Tinto corporation
  • The American Center for Mongolia Studies
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
  • Engineers Without Borders Canada
  • Consultants of Rio Tinto in Australia





Senior specialist for Camp Service Department of “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC

Since 2013, KhanbogdKhurd is providing OT, transportation services. One of the awards winning local vendors that keeps improving their standard of service and applies a strict safety culture. The company has also improved the performance during operation and risk so much to us by conducting regular operations without accidents. We hope to continue a lasting and strong relationship with KhanbogdKhurd in the future.

Byambatsogt ERDENE-OCHIR

Chairman for Civil Presidium of South Gobi Aimak, Head of “Business Council” in Khan Bogd Soum, Director of “Uujim Od” LLC

Before supplement of “Oyu Tolgoi” LLC was executed by the external business entities and organizations. But “Khanbogd Khurd” LLC, a local company participated in the tender and started to conduct its activities and it has increased competiveness of local companies.
B. Naranbaatar, who established the company and has been managing it, is a native born man and thus he has devoted his mind for its population and local area, has done and implemented the activities to train many people of the soum and local area, improve their capacity, provide work place, and make contribution into reconstruction, development and achievement of the local area.
I am fully confident that activities of “Khanbogd Khurd” LLC will have expanded and developed more and more and the company will have operated sustainably for many years. Many larger companies like “Khanbogd

Tumur Sumiyabazar

Senior Bus Driver

I work as a senior driver in Khanbogd Khurd LLC.
When I firstly came to work for the company was just established. The company has progressing from day to day, revered and safety happy for us.  
The company is developing progressively from day to day, preferring safety are happy for us. My main responsibility is to drive vehicle safely and took comfortable staffs of Oyu Tolgoi LLC and citizens of local to their home.
Also I work hard to maintain efficiency with my part responsible drivers and create collectivity and friendly


Sandagsuren SUMIYA

Driver/ Specialized Driver/ Top Driver

When I firstly came to work for the company in 2013, the company was just established. It was the newer company which has many nice, highly spirited and energetic young people. The company has expanded more and more and it has become the nice colleague guiding many people to their life like a family. Our company has made technical innovation and all of us have driven nice and new buses and it has increased our encouragement much more to work better. Managers and supervisors are young people and thus they work immediately to find and implement new ideas and opportunities. Also they evaluate hard work and effort of employees and regularly issue awards and incentives. We are happy that 2 people were awarded in “Credentials” of the Ministry of Road and Transport and 7 people were awarded in title and badge on “Excellent transporter” among us.
I am senior transporter, am always proud of these energetic young people to work together.
Best wishes to my colleague.


Оюу толгой
Зон хэн юу тиан
Өмгөөллийн БЭРС Партнерс
Khan Golomt
Голомт банк
Хас банк
Тэнгэр даатгал
Гайхам ХХК
Мандаа толгой дэлгэрэх ХХК
Их говийн эрдэнэс ХХК