About us

Success story


 “The Best Supplier of December” of Oyu tolgoi LLC in 2013


 “The Best Supplier of Khanbogd soum” of Oyu tolgoi LLC, was awarded in ceremony of “Erdeniin Gobi 2014”


Took a cup “The Best Tax Payer” and certification “Blue Notebook” from the Government of Mongolia, Ministry of Finance and Taxation Office


“The Best Supplier of Umnugobi province”of Oyu tolgoi LLC, was awarded in ceremony of “Erdeniin Gobi 2015”


Department of Infrastructure of Oyu tolgoi LLC has selected our company and awarded by exemplary team for worked 3 million person/hour safe performance. And evaluated our success for create safety culture regularly and titled as leading passenger transport service.


“The Best Social Insurance Payer” of the Social Insurance Department of Umnugobi aimag in 2018. They evaluated our social responsibility which ensures social security fund of employees, benefits to the social insurance fund and promotes social responsibility for employees.