Health, Safety, Nature


We adhere C3 standard of driving and HSE policies of Rio Tinto group and Oyu tolgoi LLC’s. We introduce and implement new initiatives to routine safety rules on the workplace.

For example:

• We check the employee`s body temperature, pressure and alcohol test every day before they go to work.

• We changed passenger’s safety reminder into animation form. It means everyone is provided their safety.

• The passenger’s attitude is changed that we placed the memory of seat belt on the bus seat. The all seats have embroidery of memories.


  1. To serve passengers safe and comfortable is our rule, comfortable is our rule
    - Must be relaxed well and healthy
    - Ensure vehicle completion
    - Auto engineer and the mechanical check regularly technical inspection for the vehicle
    Staff of checking BAC:
    - Every driver is checked for their alcoholic drinks /BAC/ before their start for the work.
  2. Service of passengers transportation: "We transport contracted workers and regular workers from Khanbogd soum to ‘Oyu Tolgoi’ mine site by bus. We inspected by security to enter on site.
  3. A prestart working.
    Every morning, drivers do morning exercises. Such a morning exercise is the first step to start energetic working day.
    A prestart meeting:
    Senior drivers, safety officer, drivers of our company, supervisor of transportation of OyuTolgoi LLC and representatives of safety team participate in the prestart meeting. The meeting shall be conducted through the following procedure; safety share, news and information, discussion and process of work and attendance of drivers etc.
  4. ​ After work instructions, drivers write “TRACK”.
  5. A driver fills checklist of the vehicle before drive the vehicle.
  6. We are ready to serve guest for Nissan Patrol, Infinity and Land cruiser and cleaned them regularly.
  7. Drivers go to their lunch. 
  8. Bambai security is inspected all buses which are out of the site.
  9. Drivers train and practice fire safety with members of the emergency team.
  10. Safety officer and senior drivers are inspected vehicles every weekend.
  11. Taxi drivers provide passenger service to all employees in the site and note confirmation sheet after service.
  12. Supervisors of transportation of OyuTolgoi and our safety officers are inspected vehicles every weekend or every month.
  13. When airplane is landed in airport “Khanbumbat” of Oyutolgoi, our drivers provide to transport guests and employees to site. 
  14. The most of our buses parked in the OyuTolgoi site.
  15. Local workers are finished their work and they go home. 
  16. After work, they go to their accommodation to rest.

Nature and environment

  1. Our drivers organized different voluntary activities at own initiatives such as cleaning the dirt and garbage near the sightseeing in Khanbogd soum. "Let everybody protect the nature and environment!"
  2. In order to protect the environment and to reduce the air pollution, we have replaced the outdated old buses with newer buses within 2016.
  3. One of the targeted works on the environment protection is gardening trees. Our drivers have planted trees in the center of Khanbogd soum.


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